Therapy Dog Training and Certification

Alliance of Therapy Dogs
Tester and Observer

In 2022, Taylor's dog Gryffin became a certified therapy dog through Alliance of Therapy Dogs. Since that day, Gryffin has been volunteering his time throughout Monroe County doing great work as a therapy dog. He has gone to assisted living centers, after school programs, wellness days, and college campuses.

After enjoying some time doing therapy work, in 2023 Taylor became a Tester/Observer for Alliance of Therapy Dogs. This new role gives Taylor the ability to pass dogs to be certified as Therapy Dogs through the organization. With this, Taylor now offers Therapy Dog Training to best prepare your dog for the Handling Test and Observations.

A Confident Dog also helps place Therapy Dogs at different facilities throughout Monroe County. Check out the form below for more information on that service!

Therapy Dog Training &
Testing and Observations

Therapy Dog
Training Program


A complete break down of the ATD handling test and observations into three training sessions to best prepare your dog for the process to become a therapy dog through ATD.

Training One: Sections One, Two, and Three
Training Two: Sections Four and Five
Training Three: Section Six

Handler Test &

Handling Test
3-4 Observations

Passing a handling test and at least three observations are required to become a therapy dog through ATD.

Session One: Handling test and Observation One
Session Two: Observation Two
Session Three: Observation Three
Session Four: Observation Four, if needed

How does your dog become a Therapy Dog?

Complete the application packet & background check
Schedule a handling test and observations
Submit your application to ATD

The Handling Test and Observations are a voluntary service that Taylor provides through Alliance of Therapy Dogs. If you feel your dog does not need the Therapy Dog Training, you do not have to complete that prior to scheduling your handling test and observations.

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Therapy Dog Training &
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Visit Alliance of Therapy Dogs' website to complete your background check and download the therapy dog application packet

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